Marketing Consulting Services

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We are a strategic consulting firm that provides marketing resources and strategy development services to social impact-based organizations.

Our Consulting services are divided into three sub-categories: Organizational Analysis, Strategy Development, and Strategy Implementation.

Organizational Analysis

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This is a free service, that provides our clients with a third-party perspective of their current organizational strategy, and how their current marketing strategy is conveying that. Points of analysis include Client's Target Networks, Brand Identity, and  Organizational Purpose.


The analysis will also include recommended areas of marketing opportunities for the client, which they can use to bolster their current marketing strategy. 

Strategy Development

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This is a contracted service, that provides client's with a Develop Document which will assist our client's in implementing the recommendations from the "Organizational Analysis."


The Development Document focuses on the client's marketing strategy and defines optimized marketing  tactics to connect their internal mission, with their external impact.

Strategy Implementation

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This is a contracted service, that would allow for our agency to implement the optimized marketing strategy. 


This service will develop a partnership between our client and our agency, along with the client's team members, partners, community members, and other stakeholders, who  assist our client's in achieving their social-impact mission.